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Jun 27, 2022

Clay Starlin has been a champion of effective measurement and instructional technologies. He did pioneering work in the 70s and 80s bringing precision teaching to the forefront of education. He has spent his career contributing and refining concepts and methods involved with the science of learning. Clay has recently published a book called “weaving love and science in education” that captures blending of two important comments of human society: love and science. While the two might seem disconnected, when applied to education and people they both help form the basis for a compassionate, highly effective method for teaching students and fostering incredible learning environments.

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Greatness Achieved Publishing Company

Weaving Love and Science into Educational Practice

Author: Clay Starlin, Ed.D. Description: For teachers, parents, or any other professional looking for the science of behavior change and learning, look no further! Weaving Love and Science into Educational Practice offers a practical, proven method for measuring behavior, understanding what the data means at a high level of precision, and suggesting ways to improve outcomes. But beyond the science involved in learning, there is love. Love may seem like a bold word to juxtapose with science but as compassionate humans dedicated to helping students of all stripes, caring, and a passion for exercising humanity is integral for meaningful change. And sandwiched in-between science and love, readers will encounter a plethora of sound interventions to support learning. This book will delight all readers who wish to use science for the betterment of their fellow humans.