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Aug 31, 2022

In 1993 Alfie's Kohn's Punished by Rewards (PBR) was published. The book claimed that behavioral principles and procedures manipulated people and destroyed the potential for authentic learning. The publication of PBR was met with enthusiasm by many in the educational and psychological fields. However, PBR contains many misrepresentations of positive reinforcement and punishment. Furthermore, the solutions offered in PBR are poorly aligned with robust procedures designed to change behavior proactively and reactively. The present episode discusses Kohn's treatise, highlights several claims made in the book, the impact it has had on teachers, clinicians, and businesses, as well as practical solutions for interacting with people who may be PBR adherents.

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Table of contents and description of Punished by Rewards

Behavior analytic review of Published by Rewards's_Punished_by_Rewards_and_Its_Implications_for_Behavioral_Interventions_with_Children#:~:text=Alfie%20Kohn's%20Punished%20by%20Rewards,interventions%2C%20particularly%20those%20involving%20children.